Saturday, January 5, 2019

Tali Forth 2 version 1.0 released

If things have been quiet around here, well, one reason is that Tali Forth 2 has taken up so much of my free time. That is a good thing, because it has now reached something close to stability with the version 1.0. It's been pretty exactly six years since I started.

Tali now supports blocks and wordlists, comes with an assembler and disassembler for Simpler Assembler Notation (SAN), and two editors - a classic retro block editor and a clone of the Unix line-editor ed, which I'll be writing more about in the future. The code is amazingly stable, thanks to a test suite that is so comprehensive that it runs sections in parallel so it doesn't take forever. The documentation is about 120 pages in the PDF version and includes tutorials. This has really, really turned out well.

This wasn't all my doing by a long shot. Sam Colwell put in an enormous amount of work, especially with stuff that improved the quality by leaps and bounds like the test suite or the glossary. I had always been ho-hum about blocks, he included them, and a tutorial on how to use them. I learned about ditaa and that I suck at Makefiles (working on that). He also kindly provided me with a version of his 65c02 SBC. Once I dig out the ROM burner again, I'll have real hardware with actual mass storage to run Tali on.

Tali isn't quite done. At some point I want to try adding multitasking, probably of the cooperative round-robin sort. Some of the code needs to be optimized, and it would be nice to have one of those flashy block editors you can move around in with the arrow keys. But for now, it's time to take a break and do something else. More around here, for one thing.