Tuesday, March 31, 2015

They grow up so quickly: Tali Forth now in BETA

In which our protagonist claims a milestone for Tali and then sends the poor woman out into the big, evil world with nary a drone to defend herself.

At some point you just have to draw a line and get the thing out the door: I have designated Tali Forth, my small, simple Forth for the 65C02, as feature-complete, and so it is now officially in BETA.

This doesn't mean that it is even close to being finished, of course. Large parts haven't been tested beyond "it compiles", and don't even think of talking to me about optimization. But we've fooled around with software so long that it is time to get back to hardware. It's good enough for now.

[BETA actually began a few weeks ago, but I was off with the Inquisition in Thedas. Long story, involves dragons.]

So much has changed with the hardware by now that we're going to have to discuss everything in separate post. Until then, interested parties might want to read up on the SPI interface and the 65816 CPU. Megabytes, here we come!