Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back with a design change

In which our protagonist finally returns to the project with a small design change and powerful new tools, mostly created by other people.

Ah, Real Life, can't live without it, can't get jack done with it. I was too busy this summer with stuff in the house, traveling halfway across the world and back, digging a new veggie garden, and all kinds of other stuff to make progress with the 65c02. This, I have learned, will be more of a winter project.

However, there are some advantages to taking a long break.

First, the ACIA 65c51 is available again without breaking the bank. It is a far less powerful chip than the 2692A DUART we had originally considered, but it is also far simpler to use, and we'll go with that. It still needs its own clock, and a support chip (the MAX232), but this will make things easier.

Second, other people did an enormous amount of work in the meantime. Mario got his Meeprommer Project running, a EEPROM programmer for the Arduino. And to make that even better, another 6502.org-er, UnaClocker, put together a matching shield. This makes my life a lot easier, as standing on the shoulders of taller people always does.

The Arduino and the Meeprommer shield. One fits over the other.

Of course, to use the shield, we need an Arduino, and to use the Arduino, we need a computer, and so on and so forth. So in the next entry, I'll talk some more about the tool chain. Unless some room suddenly needs to be repainted or something.